Software Issues

I'm trying to do HW#0 and I don't see the "Start Without Debugging" command.

Update the software- there may be a service pack update (e.g., SP1) to install.

My console window disappears before I can get a screen shot.

At the end of your program add the following code to manually keep the window open until the user decides to close it.

char c;

cout<<"Press any key to close console window.";


I'm a Mac user and I need to know the path to a file on my Desktop.

Try this:


How can I change the default colors in the console window?

Don't like the colors in the console window (cout)? Here's how to change them:

  1. Right-click at the top of the console window and select "properties."

  2. Then select the "colors" tab.

  3. Set the colors the way you like them.

You're welcome.