Personalized Text Adventure

(a) Write a C++ program that personalizes the following adventure tale (Source: M. Dawson, Beginning C++ Through Game Programming). Have the program request the personalized input information from the user.

A brave group of number adventurers set out on a quest in search of the lost treasure of the Ancient Folks. The group was led by that legendary rogue, leader. Along the way, a band of marauding ogres ambushed the party. All fought bravely under the command of leader, and the ogres were defeated, but at a cost. Of the adventurers, killed were vanquished, leaving just survivors in the group. The party was about to give up all hope. But while laying the deceased to rest, they stumbled upon the buried fortune. So the adventurers split GOLD_PIECES gold pieces. leader held on to the extra XX pieces to keep things fair, of course.

(b) Do it again, but this time make up your own adventure story!