Programming Assignment

Employee Payroll Report: The Sequel!

For this assignment you are to reimplement the Employee Payroll Report program. However, this time your implementation should be an object-oriented program that incorporates the use of objects of an Employee classes as well as the specification of this class. The class specification should conform to the descriptions given below. (You may include additional classes, and their associated objects, if they enhance the design of your program).

Class Descriptions:


Objects of this class are used to model employees. As such, each Employee object should be characterized by a name (up to, but not exceeding 15 characters), the number of hours worked, an hourly pay rate, a salary, the number of overtime hours worked, and an overtime salary. (Note, not all of these attributes should/may be incorporated as data members of Employee objects.) Employee objects should include a read/input member function that can be used for inputting employee data from the keyboard, and display/output member function that can be used for displaying (all of the) employee data on the screen. You should keep in mind that your Employee class may be incorporated into other programs, and therefore should include a full suite of access and modifier functions.

Your program should not include any user-defined external objects. It may include other classes and (non-member) functions that enhance the implementation.


[Acknowledgement: Thank you to Professor Al Croker for this assignment.]