Object Lesson

Programming Assignment

(a) Implement a Student class. Each object of this class will represent a student in a particular course. Data members should include the student’s ID number, first name, last name, and four exam scores. Methods should include a displayStudentInfo function and a computeAvgScore function.

In main(), create an object of this class and use it to enter values for some of its data members from the keyboard and display the values of its data members in the console window. You may ask the user to enter the number of students in the class. Use a loop to enter data, compute the average, and output data for successive students.

Use the following test data:

100 Robin Williams 90 85 67 99

200 Duncan McLeod 35 67 88 100

300 Bart Simpson 67 44 89 67

(b) Modify your program to include a constructor, access functions, and an inputStudentInfo function.

(c) Modify your program to compute and display the value of the overall average score for the class