A Very Grading Problem

Programming Assignment

Write a program to provide a report of student grades. Each student is given four exams. The final grade of each student is determined by calculating the weighted average of all the exams. Your report should show the average of each student, the class average, and the maximum and minimum grades for the class.

The first set of data input contains the weights (proportions) for the four exam grades. Next, input the number of students in the class. The set of data input for each student contains the following information:

-- Student's name

-- Student's ID

-- Grade for exam 1

-- Grade for exam 2

-- Grade for exam 3

-- Grade for exam 4

Use the following test data:

-- weights for exams: .10, .20, .25, .45

-- number of student: 15

-- first student record: 101101032, 75, 87, 79, 92

-- make up the rest yourself.

Your output should be neat and readable with appropriate headings.