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Lecture Notes

This is a two-semester course.  The bold line denotes the end of one semester and the beginning of another.  
It is an artificial demarcation.  Feel free to study these course materials in any order you wish.
"NOTES" are pdf files for printing and reading offline.
"LECTURES" are files of presentation slides with audio narration (still under construction) on each slide.  Hit F5 to start.

 TOPIC  .......NOTES........  LECTURE
 Introduction to programming and C++ pdf  
- Intro to programming
- Intro to C++ programming
- Variables (Objects) and Data Types  (Classes)
- Data Types, continued  ppt
-  Arithmetic and other operations
- More on Data Storage [Optional] pdf ppt
 Controlling execution pdf 
- Selection  ppt
- Iteration  ppt
- Play Computer to debug pdf 
 - Looping 2.0 pdf 
-  Control Break Processing pdf 
 Input / Output Files  
- Producing a Simple Report pdf 
- Using  I/O files ++ pdf 
 What Makes a 'Good' Program? pdf 
- More on Program Design pdf 
- Functions and Data
 Arrays pdf 
 Intro to Object Oriented Programming  
- Structured Programming  
-  Data, Program, and Control Concepts pdf 
- Structs  
- Objects and Classes
 pdf videoppt1 ppt2
 Principles of Object-oriented Programming  ppt
- Separate Compilation - Arrays, Classes
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 Arrays 2.0  
- Multidimensional Arrays pdf 
 - Searching and Sorting pdf 
 Data Structures  
- Static Structures / Static Implementation pdf 
 - Arrays, Records, Stacks, Queues
- Pointers pdf ppt
- Data Structures - Linked Implementation pdf 
 - Stacks, Queues, Linked lists, Multilinked lists  
 - Nonlinear Data Structures: Trees, Graphs pdf 
- Strings pdf 
 Advanced OO Programming  
- Operator overloading, friend functions, this, etc. pdf 
- Inheritance pdf 
- Abstract Classes and Virtual functionspdf 
- Templates pdf 
 Programming Paradigms pdf