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Programming Assignment Guidelines

  • Be professional in all assignments.
  • Initial Comment section should contain at least the following:

// Your name
// Course and section
// Instructor's name
// Date program completed
// Assignment number
// Assignment name
// Program description 
// Name (and optionally path) of file containing function main() for this program

  • After that, comment each major section of the program.
  • The program should be complete and error-free.
  • Use meaningful variable names. Program should be as efficient and as elegant as possible.
  • Use line-breaks to break long statements over several lines.
  • Output should also have appropriate headings, including your name, assignment number, etc.
  • Assignments must be submitted on time.
  • Submit: listing of source code; output(s) generated by that source program; listings of any input and/or output files used.
  • [Note: To include the current date and/or time in the header of your source code listing, go to the file menu of the MS Vis C++ ide and from File --> Page Setup choose the desired option(s) in your page Header.]
  • Do not email or fax submissions.
  • If you are permitted to resubmit an assignment, always attach the first submission.
  • Do not write on submission by hand (or typewriter or editor or ...).
  • Do not erase, cross out, or use "white out" on submission.
  • You may not cooperate on programs. By submitting a program with your name on it, you are certifying that you are its sole author.
  • You will find that this course requires a lot of time from you outside of class, at the computer. Plan for it!