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Employees Breaking Down

Programming Assignment

Employees Breaking Down
[Without a Raise, i.e., NO ARRAYS]


The data below is contained in an employee file. [You should cut and paste it into a .dat file rather than enter the data from your keyboard.] Each record of the file should contain ID, Last Name, First Name, Job Title, Location, and Department for a single employee. Using the Report class of your previous programs, write a program which will read this data, one record at a time, and print out a listing of the employees of each department, with each department listed on its own page. Also print the number of employees in each department. At the end include a summary page listing the name of each department along with the number of employees it has, and the total number of employees for the entire company. Include an appropriate headings for: the report, each page, columns. Include appropriate "footer" information such as the total number of employees listed.  Sample Report HERE.

Extra Credit: Give breakdown by Location as well as by Department, with appropriate subtotals.

783563314 Burke Amos Clerk A MIS
547247690 Dipalma Louie Designer A MIS
560874087 Goodwin Archie Analyst A MIS
623541383 Holmes Mycroft Designer A MIS
993610980 Madison Oscar Designer A MIS
519251496 Munroe Jessica Manager A MIS
815520270 Watson John Clerk A MIS
583532918 Bergerac Cyrano Analyst B MIS
431815949 Cartwright Ben Designer B MIS
782667746 Ed MISter Manager B MIS
909295632 Ignatowski Jim Manager B MIS
686944932 Marlowe Philip Clerk B MIS
467287118 Norton Edward Clerk B MIS
751645142 Sing Hop Analyst B MIS
164669628 Steele Remington Analyst B MIS
081956797 Wine Moses Analyst B MIS
606984917 Clousseau Inspector Analyst D MIS
412122593 Fielding Dan Clerk D MIS
422375009 Havelock Michael Analyst D MIS
027602435 Kramden Alice Analyst D MIS
796681101 Mcgee Travis Designer D MIS
406725718 Poirot Hercule Designer D MIS
949326445 Reddy Jason Analyst D MIS
742201761 Spade Sam Clerk D MIS
175666707 Vader Darth Manager D MIS
117308423 Charles Nora Designer A PROD
097366399 Fawlty Basil Analyst A PROD
279319399 Hart Jennifer Designer A PROD
358928785 Kirk James Designer A PROD
966456476 Mccoy Leonard Manager A PROD
098480250 Peterson Norm Manager A PROD
739096328 Small David Analyst A PROD
434606028 Unger Felix Clerk A PROD
501620748 Butler Rhett Analyst B PROD
513789593 Dillon Matt Manager B PROD
156533413 Flynn Francis Designer B PROD
109094977 Holcroft Noel Manager B PROD
197340858 Lane Lois Manager B PROD
144936551 Mudd Harry Clerk B PROD
750855555 Walker Amos Analyst B PROD
351453116 Carter Nick Clerk D PROD
986141483 Chambers Pat Analyst D PROD
744146916 Harrison Chip Analyst D PROD
897176599 Jones Barnaby Analyst D PROD
454768105 Martin Angel Designer D PROD
048111007 Olsen Jimmy Designer D PROD
498634876 Poppins Mary Clerk D PROD
678466125 Reager Alex Clerk D PROD
634950378 Tanner Evan Manager D PROD
859673715 Archer Lew Analyst A R&D
584836738 Cartwright Hoss Analyst A R&D
525416210 Ironside Robert Designer A R&D
961008182 Marple Jane Manager A R&D
336345414 Ohara Scarlet Manager A R&D
671920794 Randall Josh Analyst A R&D
885034483 Skywalker Luke Clerk A R&D
231081163 Street Della Clerk A R&D
337510916 Wolfe Nero Clerk A R&D
007511852 Bond James Clerk B R&D
360475339 Charles Nick Manager B R&D
165245544 Hardy Fenton Manager B R&D
018647329 Kent Clark Manager B R&D
154574105 Maverick Brett Clerk B R&D
575504962 Perrin Reginald Clerk B R&D
676865001 Rockford James Designer B R&D
989000740 Tortelli Carla Analyst B R&D
892369626 Bragg Peter Manager D R&D
940476548 Drake John Analyst D R&D
513351904 Gunn Peter Clerk D R&D
315551263 Holmes Sherlock Analyst D R&D
439348245 Magnum Thomas Designer D R&D
426743441 Nashe Hamilton Designer D R&D
045828304 North Jerry Designer D R&D
740350623 Scudder Matthew Manager D R&D
265522806 Spenser Hawk Manager D R&D

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Feb 25, 2015, 3:26 PM