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Check Programming Assignment Guidelines before submitting homework.

Like a lot of other skills, programming is best learned by doing.  We highly recommend that you do all the assignments here, not only the ones assigned by your instructor, if you really want to learn to program in C++ ... or any programming language.  More fun programming projects on this page.

  Introduction to Coding Hour of Code (code.org) 
  Introduction to C++ Hello from Big Bird
  Output and Arithmetic The Four Fours - a Brainteaser 
  Input and Output Personalized Text Adventure! 
   Arithmetic Some Statistical Analysis solution
   Nested Loop
 The Manhattan Island Problem solution
   Rock, Paper, Scissors solution (using switch)
 solution (using functions)
   Input Data Loop
 Where Credit is Due solution
 solution (using input file)
  Control Flow (Lab) Positive or Negative? 
    Min / Max
 Your Loss, Our Gain  solution
  I / O and Functions Mad Libs solution
   Functions Loss/Gain Redux 
    Functions A Very Grading Problem  pdf
  Functions Manhattan Address Locator
  Functions A Number Guessing Game
   Reports A Very Grading Report pdf
 Reports Payroll I   solution
   Improving a program
 The Fixer-Upper 
     ArraysAnother Very Grading Problem  pdf
  Classes / Objects Fractured Fractions solution
   Classes / Objects An Object Lesson 
  Classes / Objects A Simple Cafeteria Simulation 
  Classes / Objects Payroll 2.0  solution
  Control Breaks
 Employees Breaking Down solution
    Interacting Objects
 Payroll 3.0
 Separate Compilation
 Payroll 2.5 [and Payroll 3.5]
   Arrays How to Score
   2-dim array
 Magic Square
 Sorting Payroll 4.0 
  Sorting  Sorting through Sorting 
  Stack  Strike the Match 
  Stack (Static) Widget Inventory Stock Stack 1.0 
  Stack (Linked)  Widget Inventory Stock Stack 2.0 
  Queue  Bus Stop Queue Simulator 
  DEQue  Playing With a Full Deque 
   Multilinked List Multilinked List 
 not soln
   [Fresh Link]
  Inheritance Student Inheritance 
  Gaming - Composition  Playing Card Draft
  Payroll 5.0 - Employees Inherit and Morph 
  Contact List - Phone Numbers 

*There are many ways to solve any programming problem.  Listed here is one possible solution; don't assume it is the best solution.

Linda Weiser Friedman,
Mar 29, 2017, 9:21 AM